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You've Got The Shed—Now Give It A Roof
Do-it-yourselfers of just about any skill level should be able to tackle the construction of a shed roof. The editors of have put together a thorough piece detailing the steps necessary to complete this home improvement project, including the tools required, and the 13-step process involved. And if you find yourself stuck, the site includes phone and e-mail assistance to get you through the process!

Check Out Listings for Roofing Contractors and Helpful Consumer Information
Not only does the website offer a directory of screened local roofers, but visitors can also get a free estimate for roof repairs and replacement. Simply choose the type of roofing material, the square footage of the home, the budget (economy, mid-range or high end) and the zip code to find out how much the job will cost. Click on the Categories tabs for basic information about commercial, shingles, tile and rubber roofing.

Custom Corner Outdoor Fireplaces a Great Choice for An Attractive Patio Area
Corner outdoor fireplaces are a thing of beauty and can add so much warmth to an outdoor patio area. To see one design option that fits in beautifully with the existing structure of a home, check out the images posted on this blog. A custom design means that you can get the look that you want, while staying with the budget you have set for the project. If you are considering having a patio area built, adding one of the lovely corner outdoor fireplaces available today will create a focal point for the space.

Installing an Backyard Fire Pit
If you like the look of a stone fire pit but aren't sure about how to install one, check out this informative site. You will find a list of materials and tools, along with step-by-step instructions for choosing the right location and digging the footer for your fire pit. Instructions for laying the stone and filling the wall are provided. Find out how to place the cap stones and suggestions for including a seating area in your design as well.'s Q and A On Bathroom Remodels Has All The Bases Covered
Remodeling a bathroom is a major undertaking and often a popular one when it comes to improving the value of your home. This article at answers a lot of common questions when it comes to this home improvement project, including discussions about using existing toilets, why there is such wide range of pricing on plumbing fixtures, current trends in bathroom design, the advantages to different kinds of shower finished and the concept of "universal design."

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Modular Homes
You may not necessarily think of a modular home when you are considering building a custom home for yourself, but checking out the Modular Homes Network may make you consider one. Download a free guide to modular homes or buy the in-depth consumer guide offered here. Learn about the benefits of both manufactured and panelized homes. If you are a builder or a developer, you will find information to answer your questions about this building option posted here. Consumers who are considering taking out a building loan will find links to lender sites here. To find a modular home builder in your state, just click on the appropriate tab to fill out an online form to be matched with one who will fit your needs.

Insulation Know How Available From EPA Helps Homeowners Save Money
A little know-how about insulation can make your next remodeling or renovation project a more efficient and money-saving one in the long run. This Energy Star document covers all the benefits of properly installed insulation, such as improved comfort, lower heating and cooling bills and overall attractiveness to potential buyers at resale. There's also a comprehensive description of the several different kinds of insulation—information that aids in communication with your contractor.


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