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Find Out How Your House Works Here
Did you know that the type of roof truss used in your home will depend on the style of roof specified in the blueprints? Visit How Your House Works to learn why a truss should not be used if the roof will be modified later on. (Hint: It has to do with the way the truss is engineered.) Click on the links to discover more about roof framing, slope, and pitch, framing, load-bearing walls, balloon framing, and foundations.

Propane Firepits on YouTube
YouTube offers a selection of videos on the subject of propane firepits for your viewing pleasure. Find out how to select the right propane firepit for your needs and learn about propane firepit tables. Fire safety tips are among the offerings posted here, as well as information about glass for firepits. If you are looking at propane firepits for your backyard, check out these video offerings first for information you can use. Offers Brick Patio Tips For Wet Saw-Phobes
Maybe the thought of designing and building a brick patio is tempting, but you shy away from it because the thought of cutting bricks just sounds messy. Or hard. Or both.'s landscaping section offers a great step-by-step tutorial on building and "elegant brick patio without brick cutting." The site offers general time estimates for the average do-it-yourselfer, and detailed instructions for necessary tools, measuring, digging, laying the bricks and finishing the project. There are links to design pages that offer illustrations so you can see it before you do it!

Find Out How to Choose the Right Roofer
When consumers are looking for a roofer, they need information to help them choose the right person: the process of finding a contractor, from gathering a list of names, to interviewing and assessing potential providers. Negotiating the contract is also covered here. Visitors to the site can check out the information about DIY roofing.

Making a Roofing Purchase? Here's What You Need To Know
Of all the home construction and improvement projects one commit to, there perhaps isn't one more important than a high-quality roof. This site give anyone considering a roofing purchase and installation a general overview on key topics, including the causes of roof damage, hiring a contractor, guarantees, and possible quirks that occur, such as widely varying estimates from different contractors, and the practice of installing one roof directly over another.

Going Green Is Possible With Advice From The Green Home Remodeling Guide
This comprehensive resource, from the City of Portland, details nearly every aspect of home design and how to incorporate "green" elements into your home construction or remodeling project. The guide includes an overview on "green" remodeling, and chapters on items to consider prior to beginning a project, design and construction planning, ideas, illustrations and checklists. You'll find tips on "green" priorities, such as thinking small, using the sun to your advantage, reducing waste, avoiding toxic materials, and supporting local business.

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