Organic Gardening Offers Helpful Tips for Organic Gardening information on organic gardening is a great place for beginners to find information about growing chemical-free produce. A number of organic gardening articles are posted here, including ones about composting growing organic vegetables, plants for the garden which don't need full sun, and good choices for newbie gardeners. Other topics addressed here include how to start an organic garden, diseases, fruits, flowers, organic garden maintenance.

Organic Gardening Techniques
The success or failure of the organic approach depends on how gardeners use and prepare organic matter, according to this site. Organic matter improves soil tilth and prevents soil compaction and crusting, while it increases the water holding ability of the soil and provides a more favorable soil environment for earthworms and beneficial microorganisms. Organic matter also slows erosion, and in later stages of decay, organic matter releases nitrogen and other nutrients to growing crops. Carbon dioxide from decaying organic matter brings minerals of the soil into solution, making them available to growing plants. Many soils of the world have been ruined, mainly because they have been depleted of organic matter from prolonged cultivation without proper soil management, the site says.

Natural Pest Control and Beneficial Insects on Gardens
To keep your garden fresh and safe, use the natural way of pest control instead of buying harmful insecticides. In this article, there a many examples on how you can do it. Each natural remedy is designed for a specific set of pests; the ingredients are non-toxic and easily available. This includes canola oil, baking soda, cooking oil, garlic, cayenne, and hot pepper sauce. There are also a list of some pest prevention tips, along with the different kinds of traps and barriers. On the other hand, there is a shortlist of the beneficial insects and how you can identify them.

Organic Materials Review Institute Provides Unbiased Industry Information
The Organic Materials Review Institute provides those working in the industry with independent reviews of products used for production purposes, as well as those reserved for handling and processing. With content geared toward industry manufacturers, suppliers, growers and certifiers, the Institute offers a detailed listing of organic seeds and foodstuffs. This Oregon-based agency offers helpful information in English and Spanish to site visitors. Anyone who wants to confirm that their organic goods adhere to current standards and regulations should visit here to check out the wealth of information this informative site contains.

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