Ideas for Real Estate Investment

Miami a Top 10 Global City for Real Estate Investment
BizJournal in this blog is happy to announce that Miami holds the Seventh rank among the Top 10 international cities for real estate investment. The best part about the Magic City is that it has lured overseas investors from China and Latin America. The other cities that welcome foreign investors are New York, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, Tokyo, Boston, Atlanta and Dallas. The statistics given in the blog is a clear indication that with time an increasing number of investors are looking for hot property deals in the U.S. real estate market. With successful allocation strategies, we hope to see further expansion in the real estate market soon.

Should You Invest in Barcelona Real Estate?
Forbes gives you some good reasons to join the league of overseas investors and buy a property in Barcelona. As Spain recovers from its recession, there are many international investors ready to be a part of its real estate market. Reasons like loan defaults and promising housing index are only a few reasons that interested business giants like Azora and Goldman Sachs to invest in Barcelona properties. In this article, we see that Omri Barzilay interview Tine Mathiassen, owner of the Casamona Real Estate and a principal real estate broker to help people get a better understanding about this market.

Top Crowdfunding Sites for Real Estate
This article by The Balance article educates you about the major real estate crowdfunding websites. While crowdfunding comes in different forms, its recent entry is evident in the real estate market. The real estate market is a huge one and engulfs anything and everything from shopping malls to apartment buildings. While the article lists down a number of sites to help your out, as a potential buyer it is your responsibility to go through each site thoroughly. In fact, a thorough insight into these sites will help you know how each of them works individually. And once you get a hang of each, you can go in for any that best caters to your needs.

Advantages of a Condo Hotel Investment
Luxury Latin America tells why investing in a condo hotel is a great idea. Over the past few decades, investing in this property group has turned out to be a profitable choice for many. While most investors hold the opinion that condo hotel investment yields to faster returns with lesser efforts, at the end of the day it is you who would decide what seems perfect in your eyes. It educates readers that blindly following a brand are not the way out; instead, you need to do a good research about historic returns, approximate monthly maintenance expenses, and occupancy rates so as to win the game.

Economic Outlook for European Hotels
PricewaterhouseCooper in this article tells how anticipations amidst which the European cities hotel survive. While the hotel industry has worked really well in 2015, it is expected that the trading fundamentals will turn even better for the year 2016 and 2017. It further lists down the cities that will record the highest RevPAR. The article also discusses the economic, travel and supply scenario explicitly and shows us how these parameters are likely to excel in the coming days. The impact of fall in oil prices, different risk factors like data theft and cyber security are brought to the limelight. Finally, it also gives an overview of 2015 single asset transaction market.

9 Tips for Aspiring Real Estate Investors
Business Insider here narrates the success story of twin brothers Kelly and Chris Edwards. Today, with as much as $8 million in assets, the brothers did not forget to share their secrets that will certainly help budding real estate investors in the long run to crack stupendous deals. Recognition of your investments, seeking advice from experienced people, investing for cash flow, doing a good homework, are some of the best ways that will help you with the desired success. The brothers make it clear that problems are sure to come your way, but the real trick lies in overcoming them and moving ahead.

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