Design of Specific Rooms

Decorating a Patio Room
More and more people are treating their backyard like another room. They are designing their back yard like a room - patio rooms- furnishing with garden furniture and patio furniture, garden accessories, patio umbrellas, fireplaces and propane patio heaters. This article discusses making your own birdhouses, creating a window box, creating a patio room vignette, using patio stones to connect rooms, patio flooring, and landscape lighting. Your landscape and garden design will be as individual as you are, just like the interior of your home: in your style, your way.

Home Office Decorating Secrets
Home offices can accommodate as much office equipment as larger offices, with more comfort and personality. Natural lighting in a home office provides a connection to the outdoors. Figuring out the balance with natural and artificial light in your home office is discussed. Task lighting and ambient lighting are noted, as are dimmers and gooseneck lamps. Also mentions the benefits of a filing cabinet and bookcases. Mentions desks that close when work is done is a décor solution to keep home offices free of clutter.

Low-Cost Bathroom Remodeling Tips
Remodeling your bathroom need not be expensive, if you only know what to do. In this article at, you will learn how to save money for giving your bathroom a new look. First, you should know how to limit the use of tiles without sacrificing the beauty. Second, you should know how to buy inexpensive granite countertops. Third, you have these repainting tips. While updating fixtures, you can check for some old and used ones that you can recycle instead of buying new ones. In repurposing materials, you might also want to consider being friendly with the environment.

Stylish Dining Room Decorating Ideas
Southern Living magazine's webiste provides a style guide for dining room decorating, providing 62 stylish dining room ideas for updating your dining room. These ideas will work whether your style is formal or family friendly. There's a lot of ideas here, but to name a handful: highlight artwork, mix uphostery, create privacy with pocket doors, soften the space with linens, mix color and style, paint it black, hang plush drapery, make a small dining room look larger, design for durability, include family pieces, vary your finishes, accent with patterns, add built-in bookshelves, mix sleek and ornate, set the tone with flooring,raise the fireplace, select a signature style item, take advantage of the view, highlight with metallics, install a plate rail, pick a favorite historical period, and highlight the season.

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