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Articles by Mental Golf Academy
Mental Golf Academy provides personalized golf coaching and training packages for individuals and groups, with the aim of helping them reach peak performance. This page features articles that help golfers understand the game better and improve themselves through various mental tips. Aside from mental tips, these articles also offer insights on the triple-A strategy of success, how a golfer’s handicap can limit performance, how to develop a positive mental attitude, effective breathing techniques for golfers, and using a virtual caddie to improve one’s swing. While these articles might not be for beginner golfers, they offer a lot of helpful information.

Sports Nutrition Diets and More
A huge resource for those interested in improving their health. This list of articles includes topics such as: proteins and carbohydrates for athletes, skiing and diets, danger of grilling, young athletes and dieting, best nutrition for football season, what to eat before and after exercise, football season dieting, DHEA facts, strength training and diet and nutrition for optimal performance. The articles under these various topics are filled with information about the best sports drinks and diets that will improve an athlete's game.

All About Chiropractic Care for Kids
Chiropractors treat patients of all ages, and the number of children getting treatments has increased significantly since the early 1990s. This web site provides a good overview of how a chiropractor can help patients under the age of 17. Links to professional organizations for chiropractors are also provided. For Los Angeles chiropractic services, see Dr. Michael Cooper of Cooper Chiropractic, in West LA near Santa Monica and Brentwood.

5 Cardio Exercises to Burn Fat Quickly on Men's Fitness Magazine
Linda Melone, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), shares some tips in an article at Men's Fitness Magazine. Here, you can learn five simple cardio exercises that men can do burn their fat. These drills are usually being done by professional athletes, but anyone can also do them. They are: death valleys (also known as suicides), karaoke steps (also known as grapevine), agility ladder, jump and reach, and rapid alternative step-up. Each of these exercises is explained on how you can do it and its benefits besides burning your fat.

BelievePerform - The UK's Leading Sports Psychology Website
BelievePerform is a website that was put together by Adam Morris, a visionary who aims to bring the world to understand sports psychology and to use the insights they learn from the website to be top performers not just in sports but in other endeavors as well. The website is composed of more than160 sports psychology experts, coaches and undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral students. Visitors to the site are given access to various sports psychology news, articles, podcasts and video interviews. Topics of articles include education, coaching, performance, and well-being. The site also has a dedicated section introducing the members of their team and a section where coaches can pay for and download an infographic on motivating students.

Triathlete Sports Nutrition
Triathlon participants must eat healthy leading up to a race, especially on race day. The nutrition section on Triathlete magazine's website covers what to eat for optimal performance. You can easily revamp your Ironman nutritional program into an ultimate eating and drinking plan to use during your next race. The article says that training preparation is the key to Ironman, but mastery of your race depends upon an understanding of your nutritional requirements. There are three dietary components to a triathlon event. You have to understand the variables that determine food and fluid intake; plan your diet for pre-race and race morning; and eat and drink during the race and after it is done.

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