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Five Tips for Natural Skin Care
Written by Cathy Wong, the alternative medicine specialist at About.com, she recommends giving yourself a dry brush exfoliation, revving up your digestive track by eating beans, ground flaxseeds, apples and whole grains, improving your circulation for better skin care, avoiding excess sugar and eating good fats such as cold water fish, supplements and flaxseed and walnut oil. These are all great skin care tips for women.

Go Red: Women and Cardiovascular Disease
Cardiovascular disease claims more women's lives than the next six causes of death combined - about 500,000 women's lives a year, according to the American Heart Association. This is a separate website by the association geared towards women's health and the organization's initiative to raise awareness about heart disease as the No. 1 killer of women. This site says that cardiovascular disease is mostly preventable, so it's important to understand the health threats that can make a lifesaving difference.

What Can a Chiropractor Do For Your Neck Pain?
In this article from News-Medical.net, neck pain sufferers can explore another opinion as to the efficacy of chiropractic spinal manipulation on chronic neck pain. It's a great overview for information, as it's a literature review combining the results of nine already-published trials. Neck pain is one of the more common complaints in a chiropractor's office, according to this article, with 18 percent of those patients naming it their primary issue.

Noni Juice Forum
A noni juice forum where people can discuss the benefits of using noni juice and how it has improved their lives. This can be a controversial topic, but many people have talked about noni juice here, and are in favor of using noni juice to treat a number of popular health ailments.

Dealing With Menopause: Tips for Women
The information on this web site stresses proper nutrition, vitamin use and exercise to help women cope with the sometimes-bothersome symptoms of menopause. It says that a menopausal woman should have about 1,000 mgs of calcium per day, as she will lose valuable calcium during the process. Regular exercise benefits the heart and bones, helps regulate weight, and contributes to a sense of overall well-being and improvement in mood, especially during menopause. If you are physically inactive you are far more prone to coronary heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

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