Caring for My Senior (02)

Transitioning Receiving Care to Providing It: Caring for Elderly Parents
The tables have turned for many adults taking care of their aging parents. Your parents have aged and the roles are reversing, which may or may not include illnesses or other ailments. Itís now your turn to provide them with the care they need. This site features variety of scenarios as you embark upon this challenge and youíll find answers to nearly all of your questions including hospice information, Alzheimerís resources, advance medical directives and how to make the transitions carefully and with respect.

Caring for Aging Seniors
The members of the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging serve two million people every day providing care for aging senior citizens. This is the homepage, which includes information on how to find a local chapter, business member directory, news and more. You can contact Congress members to discuss senior citizen health issues. Overall, this is a great clearinghouse of information for elderly seniors and children taking care of aging parents.

Equipment for the Elderly Disabled: Whatís the Latest
This is the homepage for the Able Project, a nonprofit organization that has information for people with disabilities. There are links to equipment for the disabled such as compatibility switches, clothing, beds, books, canes, adapted toys, home environment controls, mobility products and other equipment. Ideal for any disabled person, especially useful for children caring for their elderly parents.

Resources for the Elderly: A Web Hub
This site provides a caregivers library for those caring for elderly parents or patients. There are resources included, plus a section on caregiving and coping that will help you prevent caregiver burnout and offer support group resources for caregivers. A senior health section gives information on topics such as Alzheimerís warning signs, allergy health, Alzheimerís diagnosis, arthritis, diabetes, senior exercise tips, senior eye care, colon cancer, forgetfulness, kidney failure and other common health ailments that senior citizens experience. A great site with plenty of information about end of life care and other senior support services.

See A Chiropractor in Action
This web page from offers the basics on chiropractic care in a visual format—using photographs to detail a variety of typical adjustments used by chiropractors to alleviate and resolve back and neck pain. Click on a thumbnail and youíll see an up-close image of chiropractic care in action, ranging from shoulder to neck, upper and lower back adjustments. The web page also includes helpful links to related articles on chiropractic care—even a video link to a chiropractic session.

Help the Aged: Avoiding Poverty and Neglect of Seniors
This is the homepage for a site called Help the Aged, which fights to free disadvantaged elderly people in the United Kingdom and across the world from poverty, isolation and neglect. Sections include: biomedical, social policy for seniors, outcomes and strategies. The group funds major research studies on aging on topics from social science, social policy and economics to biomedical science. The goal is to improve the quality of life for senior citizens.

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