Caring for My Senior (03)

Solutions for Caregivers of Elderly Parents
Caring for an aging parent, elderly spouse or other senior citizen you know can be difficult, so this site gives solutions for daily living with aging parents. Products for aging parents are sold here, as are resources on Medicare and support groups for caregivers of aging parents. Some recommended books on aging and caring for the aging are included, as is a section about symptoms of aging. The symptoms section includes information on how to tell if youíre having a heart attack, symptoms of a mini stroke, womenís heart attack symptoms, Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms, signs of dehydration, symptoms of depression and stroke symptoms. A good hub of information if youíre caring for an elderly parent.

Aging with Dignity
This site is geared towards people who want to take proactive care of their lives. If you have an elderly parent and are caring for an aging parent, this site is great for providing ways to safeguard the rights of the sick, aging or dying. Information on hospices is included, as is the 5 Wishes program. This program is a document that lets you express how you want to be treated if you are seriously ill and unable to speak for yourself. It applies to the medical, personal, emotional and spiritual needs of people. Itís a great plan for people to discuss with their families and their physicians. Many organizations are distributing this end-of-life document, which gives seniors the ability to speak for themselves about their care.

Preventing Alzheimerís Disease and Finding Treatment for Alzheimerís Disease
With Alzheimerís Disease in the spotlight nowadays and so many people dealing with it, this site is a great resource with tips on how to prevent Alzheimerís Disease, and how to care for an aging parent with Alzheimerís Disease. A news section highlights the latest advancements in Alzheimer ís disease breakthroughs, including which foods and vitamins are good for preventing Alzheimer ís disease. There is information about the walkathon, which raises money for the foundation. A carefinder section includes information for seniors and children of aging parents to find recommended Alzheimer ís disease care, and there is also a toll-free hotline that is available all day for questions and comments.

Caring for Elderly Parents: The Book
Seniors face many issues as they age, including the possibility of reduced spending power, rising health care costs, loss of health insurance—not to mention medical issues. This book by Ruth Whybrow discusses what parents face as they age, what to do and say to aging parents, coping with health problems of the elderly or aging parents and reconciling differences with aging parents. An ideal gift for a friend dealing with aging parents.

Seniors on the Move: Traveling in Your Golden Years
As baby boomers reach middle and retirement age, more people are concerned about traveling with seniors. Many want to take vacations and trips and enjoy their golden years, so this book helps seniors and their caretakers prepare for a fabulous trip. It says that seniors should check with their doctors before setting foot on a plane (for example, those on oxygen will find that the airlines donít want oxygen tanks on the planes). The book also talks about how to travel and stay on medication, as well as making sure your mode of transport is wheelchair accessible if need be. This article summarizes the book, and says that with more and more people traveling, and more seniors on the move, you can make a trip hassle-free and fun!

The Mayo Clinic's Take on Chiropractic Care
If you're looking for some of the most qualified data available on chiropractors and their specialty, the Mayo Clinic's web site includes a page specifically targeting back pain and whether or not chiropractic can be the answer for you. you'll get their take on the latest research, what chiropractors do, and whether or not its a safe option to consider. The page also contains guidelines for how to consider chiropractor care options, back pain prevention tips, and links to other back pain articles. And the multimedia link offers up a number of photo illustrations on joints and spinal anatomy.

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