Caring for My Senior (04)

Dr. Weil Shares Information About Chiropratic Care, Back Pain, Bone and Joint Health
Dr. Weil answers questions from site visitors on his Chiropractic Care, Back Pain, Bone and Joint Health page. Start with basic information about what chiropractic is and when it is appropriate to consider this type of treatment, which is based on a very ancient form of hands-on healing. This site also explains how to find a good chiropractor. Browse through the Q&A library, and if you don't see the information you need, ask a question yourself! The site also provides information about supplements and herbs and healthy lifestyle choices. Check out the online forums to discuss health information with other site visitors.

Children of Aging Parents: Helping Support Caregivers
This Pennsylvania-based organization, Children of Aging Parents, is a nonprofit group that aims to assist the nationís nearly 54 million caregivers of the elderly or chronically ill. It provides information, referral sand even support. A caregiverís guide, as well as helpful links are featured. The letters of support are the true shining star of the site; a section with letters written by real caregivers who want to take care of their parents but are struggling to handle their own lives as well. A useful place for resources and support.

Touch Base with Other Caregivers
If you are a caregiver, you know how exhausting and demanding the job can be. You want to help as best as you can, but it can wear on you physically and emotionally. This forum is a great way for caregivers to get support with various issues. Member blogs, an event calendar, a holiday survival guide for caregivers and a caregiver are among the useful features for caregivers. A section with activity ideas for caregivers of the elderly are included.

Senior Care: Assisted Living and Caring for Seniors at Home
Are you caring for an elderly patient or parent? This site has everything you need to make sure that your home has everything that a senior citizen needs, or that you choose the right assisted living center for your loved one. With so many choices, this site puts it all into perspective so caregivers can help their patients or parents decide which long-term care option is best for them. Sections on long-term care, assisted living, nursing homes, and caring for seniors at home are included with helpful tips and tricks.

Choosing an Assisted Living Care Facility
If itís time to choose an assisted care facility for an elderly friend or parent, this helpful checklist will aid in making sure you find a place that will take good care of your loved one. Among the aspects of assisted living that the site recommends you check out include: making sure the facility is licensed, seeing how long the facility has been operating, seeing what requirements are made of the staff, seeing what types of housing units are available, the location of the facility, how much the facility costs, if there is 24-hour assistance, and what the occupancy agreement includes.

Support for Caregivers: An Online Hub
Family caregivers, unite! The Caring Today site includes plenty of advice for caregivers, especially those taking care of the elderly. Topics include: understanding illness, taking time for yourself, senior citizen nutrition, senior citizen gear, legal aspects, support for caregivers and more. There are stories here so caregivers can read about others who have successfully cared for their aging parents, and themselves. A section on finances can help caregivers determine if they want to put their parents in a nursing home or assisted living center, or if they can find a home care program for seniors. Other topics include: managing long-distance caregiving, short-term assisted living options and firing a bad caregiver.

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