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Home Safety and Disaster Preparedness for the Elderly
This paper discusses home safety for senior citizens, with a focus on home safety and disaster preparedness as a study. This paper explores the need for home safety modifications and attempts to identify how much senior citizens know about what they need to do to stay safe at home and avoid falls in their houses. There are only two pages here but it is a good example of studying senior citizen safety in homes.

Chiropractor Care Information from
This web site is a comprehensive resource on spinal health, and includes a lot of information about chiropractor care. Readers will find a peer-reviewed article on the practice of chiropractic for back pain relief, the role of the chiropractor and an explanation of what a typical office visit would entail. There are additional articles on the specifics of chiropractic treatment, offering detailed descriptions of subluxation and chiropractic manipulation, and the positive effects that result.

Can Caretaking for Seniors be Dangerous?
This is a study based in Canada that explores the preference of home care for senior citizens as opposed to institutional care. But home care includes expectations that family caregivers will be available in the home to support patients who would otherwise be in an institution. The authors of this study explore the potential impact of this devolution of services from institutions to the home in 2 vulnerable patient populations, elderly patients with dementia and elderly patients with terminal illnesses.If you’re considering caring for your aging parent at home, this is interesting to read.

Answers on Elder Care from Doctor Marion
Where can you turn to for real advice and answers to your questions about caring for an elderly parent? Doctor Marion, of course! This is a great site where she shares what she’s learned as an elder care consultant. It discusses communicating with aging seniors, making your home senior-friendly, leading an active lifestyle, financial and legal obligations for e;der care, hiring help to care for an aging parent and letting go. A question and answer section provides real questions with thoughtful answers. You can post a question to Doctor Marion or participate in the forums where you can talk to other people about making elder care easier on the aging parent or family member, and for yourself.

Caregiver Support Online: Forums, Chats and More
Are you caring for an aging spouse, relative or neighbor? This site will help you take better care of your aging friend, while making it easier on you. There are monthly chats where you can get support from others, including information on Alzheimer’s and dementia care, home care and independent living, insurance coverage for senior citizens, legal and financial information for the elderly, healthy aging, senior residential options and transition information. A forum provides a place to ask questions and share thoughts with other caregivers from around the world, and a useful section on Homecare Do’s and Don’ts is also useful. Plenty of information is here, ready for caregivers to use the support available to them.

Support for Aging, Dying Grieving
ElderHope’s mission is to help people cope with people aging and dying, and to help people through the grieving process after a loved one has passed away. There is a forum where caregivers and grievers can get support, and other sections that include books of interest, a blog about caring for the elderly and plenty of website links to other places on the Web where caregivers can get support. A section where you can check out hospitals, doctors, home health aides—and get information about Medicare drug plans—is also included.

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