Caring for My Senior (07)

Talking to Your Aging Parents: What to Say
Talking to your aging parents to discuss legal, financial and long-term care options can be really uncomfortable. This handout aims to make the process a lot easier, and includes valuable tips for talking with your parents, such as starting the discussion early, understanding your parents’ need to control their own lives, include other family members, ask about records and documentation, and using good communication skills. You’ll want to discuss a variety of issues, which include senior care and assisted living options. Finding the Right Senior Living Community
Whether you want an independent living community for active adults, or an assisted living facility that includes home-like housing without full nursing home care, there are plenty of resources to help you find the right senior citizen care option for your aging parent or other loved one. is a site with a senior community directory will help you find a senior community near you. The site also has a style guide of information resources on such topics as medical matters, estate planning, travel, cooking, oping with difficult family situations, and health and fitness.

Alzheimer’s disease: Symptoms, Treatment and More
>From the Alzheimer’s disease Education and Referral Center on the Web, you can get useful Alzheimer’s disease information. Sections include general information on Alzheimer’s disease, causes and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, how to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease and how to treat Alzheimer’s disease. There are booklets you can print out about Alzheimer’s disease as well, and there is clinical trial information and a section for caregivers.

It's All Chiropractor News at Planet Chiropractic
If you're looking for the latest breaking news and updates in the world of chiropractic medicine, Planet Chiropractic's web site is the place to go—it's updated almost daily with news headlines from across the country, and includes an archive section in case you need to review an article. There's a chiropractic blog where professionals can read up on any variety of business- and practice-related topics, a professional directory for patients looking for a chiropractor in their area, links to school information for those interested in taking up the practice of chiropractic, and even video and audio links to see chiropractors in action, offering prospective patients a glimpse inside an office without having to actually go.

Senior Health Information: News and Research
Senior citizens have special health care needs that other adults don’t. This site gives information from the National Institute of Health, including nutrition for seniors, senior citizen health conditions, financial issues for seniors, clinical trials for seniors, and the latest senior citizen health research. A section with directories of senior-related organizations and statistics on senior citizens is included, as is a news section that discusses the latest advancements in senior citizen health.

Caring for Elderly Parents: A Checklist
If you’re going to be taking care of an elderly parent, this useful list can help you ask everything you need to properly assess their needs, get permission to handle finances and other legal issues, keep proper information on hand, and take care of yourself. It recommends that you respect your parent or parents’ independence, even when taking care of them; allow your parent to make as many decisions as is appropriate; have reasonable expectations of what your parent can do; talk to your parent about their concerns, desires and frustrations; make informed decisions; and show compassion.

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