Caring for My Senior (09)

Keeping Seniors Fit as They Age
From the American Senior Fitness Association comes this site, which includes information about keeping senior citizens fit. It includes information about the SFA certification and testing options, as well as SFA training programs for senior fitness instructors, senior personal trainers and long-term care fitness teachers. Tips and articles include tips on yoga and other fitness programs for senior citizens and the elderly.

Senior Housing Options
Nursing homes aren’t the only option anymore for seniors who want help when they need it, but want to remain independent. Information on independent living, assisted living centers, continuing care facilities, nursing homes and Alzheimer’s care facilities are include here. The site includes a glossary of senior housing-related terms, a tool to help you evaluate which care is best for yourself or a loved one, and checklists are included to help you make sure you handle everything thoroughly. A section on health and wellness includes tips on staying healthy, dealing with high blood pressure, aging and other long-term care issues.

Senior Driving: Staying Safe on the Road
Does someone you know have difficulty following instructions and directions, drift into other traffic lanes, stop abruptly without a cause or press on the brake and accelerator at the same time? You may know someone who shouldn’t be on the road. Such is the case for many caregivers or senior citizens. This site includes warning signs of unsafe driving, support and resources of help after the loss of a driver’s license, and tips on how to deal with a family member who shouldn’t drive insists on doing so. Though based in California, this website has valuable information that can be applied anywhere.

Elder Home Care and Caregiver Support
This website features a directory of elder home care and senior health care providers. You can also find assisted living, independent living and senior care facilities in the United States, as well as get legal information on elder law and elder citizen-related legal issues. There is a section on elder financial issues, elder travel, senior medical information and the latest senior-related news items are also included.

Elderly Citizen Resources: From Finances to Fitness
Whether you want to learn about Alzheimer’s disease care facilities or you want to choose an assisted living facility for elders, or even plan estate taxes, this website has some useful articles on a variety of elderly-related topics. Perfect for adult caregivers of seniors and elder citizens, these articles are packed with valuable information on geriatric care managers, financial assistance for senior citizens, elderly medical issues, maximizing insurance reimbursements and understanding Medicare.

Straight from the Chiropractor's Blog
Geared toward chiropractors, the American Journal of Clinical Chiropractic can be a surprisingly beneficial resource to prospective chiropractic patients too. The blogs are written in a conversational format that's easy to understand, even without a chiropractic background. Entries such as “What Does Our Chiropractic Research Really Say” will arm people with knowledge to take into the office prior to treatment, making you a more efficient consumer and active participant in your health care decisions. Additionally, you'll find the latest on chiropractic research and its relationship to areas of health care beyond back and neck pain, such as its relationship to allergy treatment.

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