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Exercise & Fitness for Senior Citizens has numerous articles that discusses the important role of fitness and exercise for senior citizens in helping them to stasy healthy enough to remain independent. One article, for example, discusses a study that was published in the Journal of Gerontology and led by Standford University School of Medicine professor Abbie King. The study looked at people's scores on a standardized test for physical mobility. The study tested 424 people aged 70 to 89 who lived independently, but were at risk of developing a disability. Half the group walked 2-1/2 hours a week and strengthened their leg muscles. The other half of seniors were given education on healthy living, including nutrition, medications and foot care. All participants were tracked for more than a year. The study demonstrated that the seniors who increased regular physical exercise record much better results in walking speed, physical balance, and the ability to get out of a chair than the group who received health education.

What to Look for in an Assisted Care Facility
Assisted living facilities are very useful because they allow seniors to maintain independence while having the medical and personal care on hand if that is necessary. This site helps you evaluate your needs and consider your options and advises people to look for a set of values; a wide range of services; a certified, caring staff; useful, enjoyable programs; affordability with quality and other useful aspects. You can get help choosing an assisted care facility for the loved one in your life.

Senior Citizen Information on the Web
This site is geared towards senior citizens and those who care about them, and includes articles on topics such as Medicare, continuing medical education, finding discounts for seniors and senior-related medications. The helpful idea section discusses everything from senior health savings accounts and clinical drug trials for seniors to ulcer-bed sores and rating healthcare organizations. Sections on senior hearing information, senior health, assisted living facilities and senior citizen resources are also included.

Alzheimerís Disease and Seniors
Alzheimerís disease is becoming more common as baby boomers enter their senior years, and information and research on this condition are vastly expanding. This site includes information on how to detect Alzheimerís disease, legal and financial issues associated with Alzheimerís disease, dementia, providing Alzheimerís disease care, exelon and more resources and tools for coping with Alzheimerís disease. Information for healthcare professionals is also included. Site features content from the Mayo Clinic.

Elder Caregiving Support: Alzheimerís Disease
Alzheimerís disease involves specific care, and there is a great way for caregivers to get tips and information for caring for an elder with Alzheimerís disease. It includes a link to a live support group and a message board, so you can connect with other elder caregivers. Topics include: adult daycare, caregiving issues, coping with Alzheimerís, communication, depression, travel, sleeping, nutrition and eating, wandering, doctor visits, medicines and more. If someone you love has Alzheimerís, youíre not alone in caring for that person. There are support groups and resources to help you provide the best care possible for your elder.

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