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Medicare and More: Resources for Elderly Seniors
If you are looking for private or government programs to help your aging parent pay for prescription drugs, health care, utilities, and other needs, check out this site. It includes Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D), and more, and is easy enough for elder seniors to use. Eldercare doesnít have to be hard to get—just use this regularly updated site to find new programs that will help cover senior health care needs. Just type in requested information, which takes about 10 to 15 minutes, and youíll be in touch with resources to help you care for your aging parent.

Chiropractic Care and Reverse Aging
This article at was written by Dr. David Jockers, a Maximized Living doctor. Here, he mentioned a study published in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation (JVSR) in 2005. According to him, the study has found proof that chiropractic care can reduce oxidative stress in the body. He said study involved 76 participants divided into three groups. The result showed that the group that received longer chiropractic care had higher serum thiol levels than those who underwent shorter chiropractic care and those who did not. This study supposedly suggests that chiropractic care can help a person's body repair its DNA.

Read CDC Information About Head Injury and Compensation Claim May Follow
Traumatic brain injury may be more common than you realize. The CDC sets out statistical information for the public, including causes of injury, how many injuries are fatal, and the overall cost to the economy as a result. Find out what the signs and symptoms of head injuries are, the most likely outcomes and why seniors are particularly at risk. Get suggestions for preventing traumatic brain injuries and where to get help, whether you are considering a head injury compensation claim or not.

5 Dog Training Tips for Personal Protection
Dogs can be wonderful companions for seniors—not just for the company, but also as protectors, given that the elderly are special targets for criminals. This article from Hub Pages shares five useful tips on how to train a dog as personal protection. To start with, the post compared the many differences between a pet dog and a personal protection dog. This will help pet owners decide as to whether they want to keep a dog as a pet or as a protector. The tips include on how owners should train their dogs to socialize, follow commands obediently, know when to bark and when to stop, and protect its owner. A video experiment is added, to show that untrained dogs will not protect its owner.

The Importance of Nutrition and the Elderly
Proper nutrition has been a growing problem in families for years—particularly with senior citizens—for a myriad of reasons ranging from lack of readily available educational resources to the inability to shop independently for necessities regularly. In an effort to bridge that educational gap, this site provides an article containing a wide range of information covering basic nutritional guidelines from the food pyramid, information about vitamin absorption, serving suggestions (how many servings and how much each should contain) and information covering healthy caloric intake. Links to other health-related topics, nutritional topics and vitamins and herbs are also available.

Preparing For Disaster: Education for Families and Seniors
A disaster could strike at any time. Are you and your family prepared? What about your senior family members, neighbors, friends and relatives? Itís important to have a family disaster plan in place and a kit readily available in preparation for a hurricane, tornado or any other kind of disastrous storm. This site provides the tools necessary to create a plan, put it into action, create a disaster kit, and other educational materials. Each resource is in PDF format for easy reading, printing and sharing. You will also find links to several valuable information sites such as the Red Cross and FEMA.

Chiropractor Care Explained by
With this web page, you'll find information, reviewed by the site's medical board, on the practice of chiropractic for back and neck pain. When finished, you'll know just how chiropractic works through its drugless and surgery-free philosophy, where it's derived from, and how chiropractors use additional forms of physical therapy to assist in resolving a patient's pain issues. The web page also includes link to back and neck pain-related issues, such as additional suggested reading, chiropractic terminology, and related articles. .

Food Safety Education for the Elderly
Many may or may not realize this, but as we age, everything about our bodies, our senses and our ability to ward off illnesses changes. Senses are changed by medications and we become more susceptible to illnesses that donít seem as easy to remedy. This is also true for food. Food-borne illnesses are a real threat and, without the proper education, improper handling of food is very risky. Use this site to learn safe food handling, temperature guidelines and food delivery safety precautions. Arming yourself with these resources will keep you protected and reduce the risk of contracting a food-borne illness.

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